Recently, the "14th five year" tourism development plan of Anhui Province was officially announced. According to the plan, in order to guide tourism consumption, Anhui Province will formulate management measures for spring and autumn holidays in primary and secondary schools according to the plan.

Anhui 5A scenic spots increased to 12

It is reported that in the past five years, Anhui has built a number of excellent tourist attractions, boutique routes, emerging formats, characteristic commodities and leading enterprises. The construction of Wannan international cultural tourism demonstration zone is progressing smoothly, with more diversified business forms such as rural tourism, red tourism, characteristic B & B, research tourism, cultural tourism town, night tourism, etc. There are 33000 tourism production and operation units, including three of the top 20 tourism groups in China. 65 A-level scenic spots have been added, with a total of 625, of which, 5A scenic spots have increased from 9 to 12. There are 414 new travel agencies, with a total of 1519. There are 302 star rated hotels. Bantang hot spring tourist area has been rated as a national tourist resort. Hefei, Wuhu and Tongling were selected into the first batch of national cultural and tourism consumption pilot cities. Tourism per capita consumption exceeded 1000 yuan for the first time.

Measures for the management of spring and autumn holidays in primary and secondary schools will be formulated

According to the development plan, in order to optimize the tourism consumption environment, Anhui will implement the paid leave system, formulate the implementation rules or implementation plan of the paid leave system, and strengthen the supervision and inspection on the implementation of paid annual leave of employees. Government organs, social organizations, enterprises and institutions are encouraged to guide employees to flexibly arrange vacation time. According to the actual situation, we should formulate management measures for spring and autumn holidays in primary and secondary schools, and improve the curriculum system of research and learning tourism. Carefully organize various activities of "China Tourism Day" to form a national tourism consumption Festival. We will formulate and implement subsidy policies such as free opening of scenic spots in off-season and discount of performance tickets, hold cultural and tourism consumption seasons and consumption months, and introduce more tourism measures to benefit the people. Strengthen the digital application and realize the intelligent transformation of consumption process such as tourism product display, tourism reservation, intelligent navigation, marketing promotion, etc. Financial institutions should be supported to innovate payment and collection tools for tourism consumption, and standardize the development of tourism consumption credit and consumption prepayment business.

Guide tourist sites to extend opening hours appropriately

In order to expand the field of tourism consumption, Anhui will grasp the diversification and personalized consumption demand of mass tourism, innovate tourism consumption means and consumption scenarios, and actively cultivate new tourism consumption patterns. We should vigorously develop digital consumption, promote tourism e-commerce innovation, launch more immersive experience tourism products, promote the integration of online and offline consumption, and advocate contactless tourism consumption. We will support the development of shared tourism consumption and encourage the development of rental apartments and car sharing services suitable for self driving tours and leisure holidays. We should actively develop night consumption, cultivate a number of new products for night tourism, build a number of night consumption places, and guide tourism places to appropriately extend the opening hours. Efforts should be made to develop comprehensive consumption, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional commercial complex into sports and sports business complex, create new cultural and tourism consumption gathering areas, promote the construction of pilot cities and demonstration cities for cultural and tourism consumption, and cultivate a new space for host and guest to share a better life. We should improve the quality of tourism shopping, revitalize China's time-honored brands, and encourage the construction of characteristic commodity shopping areas.

Water diversion from the Yangtze River to Huaihe River will become a leisure corridor running through the north and south of Anhui Province

With the completion of the project of water diversion from Yangtze River to Huaihe River, Anhui Province began to plan ecological tourism corridor. Through the main waterway, Tongling, Anqing, Hefei, Wuhu, Lu'an, Huainan, Fuyang and other places, the water and land transportation loop lines and sightseeing routes are opened. Relying on the resources and Water Conservancy Scenic spots along the Yangtze River to Huaihe River project, nine tourism cooperation circles with various features, complementary functions, organic integration and corridor linkage are formed, including Zongyang River Diversion hub, Fenghuangjing River Diversion Project, caichao watershed, paihekou, Jianghuai watershed, water diversion into Huaihe River, Bengbu gate, Xifei River, and plain reservoir in Northern Anhui Province; Relying on the diversity and richness of cultural resources along the line, actively develop cultural tourism projects such as shaopi (anfengtang), Shouzhou ancient city, local folk customs, etc.

Langya Mountain, Guniujiang and Qiyun mountain want to strive for 5A

Anhui will take the establishment of 5A grade scenic spots and national tourist resorts as the starting point, rely on the resource endowment and industrial foundation of each city, benchmark the national standards, list the key projects, form the reserve list, promote the quality upgrading by the project construction, and enhance the international and domestic influence of the tourism brand of Anhui Province. To adapt to the development trend of the construction of tourism and leisure blocks, on the basis of existing cultural blocks and creative parks, a series of new, continued and expanded tourism projects will be listed in the development sequence of provincial key projects, and planning and construction and fund follow-up will be done well. On the basis of tourist attractions, leisure blocks and cultural and Expo parks, a number of demonstration areas for the integration of cultural industry and tourism industry and night cultural and tourism consumption gathering areas will be created.

In the construction of 5A level scenic spots, we will focus on Langya Mountain scenic spot, Yunling scenic spot in Jingxian County, Guniujiang scenic spot in Shitai, Qiyun mountain scenic spot and Baili Gallery scenic spot in Xin'an River. Reserve: Bozhou ancient city (including Huaxi Lou, Nanjing Lane bank, ancient tunnel, huazu'an, etc.), Shouzhou ancient city, Dawan village tourist area.

New high end cultural theme resort hotels in core scenic spots

Anhui Province will also build a "Hui Feng Wan Yun" accommodation system. In order to optimize the structure of star hotels and economy hotels, we should introduce diversified accommodation formats such as wanghong Hotel, theme hotel and boutique B & B. Focus on improving high-end business hotels and characteristic theme hotels in tourism central cities and regions with strong industrial vitality, add high-end cultural theme resort hotels and one-stop tourism complex projects in core scenic spots; Develop boutique hotels, characteristic B & B and outdoor campsites in tourism destination cities and rural areas with tourism characteristics. In Hefei metropolitan area, Wuhu, Huangshan, Chizhou surrounding development resort, resort hotel, tourism complex for the characteristics of tourism accommodation facilities.

To create a food system of "one hundred cities and one thousand flavors". Construct different levels of tourism catering system. We should encourage all localities to carry out snacks, snacks, banquets, farmhouse dishes, medicinal meals and other special catering, strengthen the integration and innovation of local dishes and foreign dishes, and carry out a series of tourism food promotion activities of "one hundred cities and one thousand flavors". Combining with urban leisure and recreation space and characteristic blocks, we should create characteristic food blocks and food squares to promote the centralized development of tourism and catering facilities.

Tourism highway around Huangshan to be built in Anhui Province

In terms of transportation, our province will build a tourist highway around Huangshan Mountain, forming ten major theme tourist scenic roads, namely, "Anhui Zhejiang No.1", world heritage, Huizhou culture, zuimei 218, urban ring road, classic 205, famous mountains and waters, asking for secrets, surrounding Taiping Lake and Xin'an Moon Lake. Relying on the golden waterway of the Yangtze River, we will build tourist wharves and open the Yangtze River tourism routes of Ma'anshan and Chizhou. We will speed up the construction of public service facilities such as the Dabie Mountain National Scenic Road, Shanhu Avenue, Helu south passage, 90 Li landscape gallery and its West Ring Road, and Wanfo Lake ring road.

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