On January 12, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of press and publication announced the list of projects to be supported by Beijing physical bookstores in 2021. A total of 272 physical bookstores have obtained project funding support. Among them, 148 bookstores are given rent subsidies, 99 bookstores are given demonstration bookstores, and 10 bookstores are given transformation and upgrading awards, 14 bookstores are encouraged to enter universities, shopping malls and parks, and 2151 reading and related cultural activities organized by 142 bookstores are subsidized.

2042 physical bookstores in Beijing

During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the number of physical bookstores in Beijing has reached 1994, and the target of "0.8 bookstores owned by 10000 people" and the construction task of "one district, one book city" have been successfully completed.

In 2021, under the "dual" pressure of digital trend and normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the two-level governments in Beijing urban area adhere to the keynote of seeking progress while maintaining stability in the construction of physical bookstores. According to statistics, by the end of November 2021, the number of physical bookstores reached 2042, 48 more than that in 2020, with an increase of 2.4%, and the number of physical bookstores for 10000 people reached 0.93. Bookstores with different styles and rich themes are all over the city. The reporter visited the Green Heart Park store of China Bookstore and found that the bookstore is characterized by the inheritance and development of the Grand Canal culture, and the traditional culture and fashion culture complement each other. 中国女人内谢69XXXX视频., said that traditional cultural activities, Party building activities and children's reading activities have been carried out in the bookstore. Among them, the experience of woodblock movable type printing and Guqin elegant collection let readers fully experience the charm of traditional culture.

There is a clear threshold for supported bookstores

Different from previous years, in 2021, Beijing has clarified and refined the supporting policies for physical bookstores for the first time. According to the introduction of the relevant person in charge, the support policy threshold is clear as follows: to operate publications as the main business, to continue to operate for more than one year of physical bookstores; The operating area of physical bookstores shall not be less than 30 square meters, and the operating area of publications shall be more than 50%; The number of publications on the shelves shall not be less than 2000 volumes and the varieties shall not be less than 500. The purpose of quantitative indicators is to promote the return of physical bookstores to the main business, improve the level of refined management, and achieve the goal of building a scholarly Beijing.

It is reported that among the physical bookstores supported in 2021, there are 77 bookstores with an area of 30-200 square meters, accounting for 28%; There are 101 enterprises with an area of 200-500 square meters, accounting for 37%; There are 81 enterprises with an area of 500 square meters to 2000 square meters, accounting for 30 percent; There are 13 enterprises with more than 2000 square meters, accounting for 5%. In terms of variety quantity, 73% of the bookstores sold more than 5000 copies of publications on the shelves.

Promoting the transformation of physical bookstores into quality and benefit type

It is worth noting that on the basis of the selection of characteristic bookstores and the most beautiful bookstores in the past, the focus of support for Beijing physical bookstores in 2021 is to promote the transformation of industry development mode from scale and speed type to quality and efficiency type, and promote the connotative development of bookstores.

According to the relevant person in charge, 66% of the bookstores with sales volume of publications exceeding half of the annual turnover of the store; 17 companies have more than 12 hours of business, accounting for 17%.

At the same time, vigorously supporting the establishment of physical bookstores in important areas such as dense flow of people and enterprises is also a major focus in 2021. As of November 2021, there are 357 "mall bookstores, campus bookstores and park Bookstores" in the city. Among them, 14 newly opened high-quality Bookstores "entering shopping malls, schools and parks" were supported. Located in the cultural and technological integration industrial park of Beihua machinery love factory, xiyuetang Library covers an area of nearly 4000 square meters. The atmosphere and warm reading space attract the employees of enterprises in the park and nearby residents to punch in. On weekends, the picture of a whole family coming to read and buy books is constantly presented. The reading space opened for more than three months has been supported. Li Yixuan, the manager of xiyuetang library, said: "the government has given us this incentive fund, which has played a key role in the smooth operation of xiyuetang."

Encourage physical bookstores to seek innovation and change

What's more, Beijing encourages the development of "bookstores +", takes upgrading as the driving force, encourages bookstores to seek innovation and change, and excavates and cultivates new business growth points.

At present, the upgrading and transformation of Beijing's physical bookstores has become the mainstream, with the emergence of "library store combination", "factory store combination" and "bookstore + Classroom", "bookstore + cultural tourism" and other characteristic modes, which have realized the high concentration and mutual transformation of space, products and services, and promoted the three-dimensional and multi-dimensional cultural consumption with readers as the core New style of specialization.

And increasing efforts to support physical bookstores to hold reading activities is also a direction of Beijing's support for physical bookstores. Due to the excellent organization and distinctive characteristics of various activities, Beijing Book Building, Chenbing bookstore, Yuewen academy and other units and institutions have been awarded.

Editor: Sun Xiaochen
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