Planning structure of Guangdong Hong Kong deep cooperation Park (Qingsheng hub block). (

Guangzhou, January 14 (reporter Xia Yan) recently, the regulatory revision of Guangdong Hong Kong deep cooperation Park (Qingsheng hub block) (Nansha District dc0302 planning management unit) was publicized on the websites of Guangzhou Municipal Planning and natural resources bureau and Nansha District government before approval. The publication date lasted until February 6.

The scope of the control plan is located in Qingsheng hub block of Nansha District, extending to Qingsheng Avenue in the East, Beijing Zhuhai Expressway in the west, Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong high speed railway in the South and Qingshuiwan Avenue in the north, with a total land area of 163.28 hectares.

The plan proposes that the area aims to create ubiquitous leisure space, convenient and diversified dynamic urban atmosphere, highly connected multi-dimensional pedestrian network, and boundless scientific and technological innovation community with a sense of belonging.

In terms of public service facilities, there are 1 technical school and 1 Hong Kong Children's school in the area, and 1 overseas resident service center; In terms of municipal transportation infrastructure, there are 3 initial and terminal bus stops and 4 social parking lots.

The area plans to create a structure of "University vitality axis + Shiyong leisure vein + North South Community".

Among them, "University vitality axis" refers to the area relying on University Road, layout highly complex service functions, forming vitality gathering space. "Shiyong leisure vein" refers to the area relying on the current river system, forming a number of waterfront leisure venation, connecting urban functional areas, and creating a hydrophilic leisure space for citizens.

In addition, the "North South Community" is divided into the northern knowledge integration community and the southern headquarters portal community. Among them, the knowledge integration community in the north is formed through the refinement of Chuangzhi triangle, Chuangzhi road and waterfront community service belt on the basis of the University Road and Shiyong framework, while the southern headquarters portal community is refined through the Hong Kong Children's school and the waterfront sharing zone of the headquarters on the basis of the University Road and Shiyong framework.

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