Hubei Daily (trainee reporter Li Chaoxia, correspondent Shen Shangxuan) in 2021, the total social retail sales in Hubei Province will exceed 2 trillion yuan. From the provincial business (investment promotion) work conference held on January 11, it was reported that in 2021, the provincial business economy was better than expected and its growth rate was higher than that of the whole country. From January to November last year, the province's social zero value increased by 20.1% over the same period last year. In the first three quarters, the online retail sales of physical goods ranked first in Central China. The wholesale, retail and catering of the whole year are expected to exceed the level of 2019.

"Foreign trade report card" is very attractive. In the first 11 months of last year, Hubei exported 32000 new energy vehicles, 55 million mobile phones, 15.2 billion masks and 1.4 billion pieces of protective clothing. The province's foreign trade increased by 26% on a year-on-year basis, reaching a record high, ranking first in the country; The newly signed contract amount of foreign contracted projects ranks first in China.

The optimization of business environment makes Hubei a hot land for investment. In 2021, our province returned to the first place in Central China in attracting foreign investment. Foreign direct investment ranked first in Central China for eight consecutive months, with an increase rate of 48.8%, ranking first in China. Ten counties and cities such as Xishui, Changyang and Wufeng achieved zero utilization of foreign capital; From January to November, the amount of signed projects with investment of more than 100 million yuan increased by 33.8% and 51.3% year on year.

The Provincial Department of Commerce said that this year, the province will speed up consumption reimbursement and return to normal. In 2022, a series of activities such as "Jingchu Shopping Festival" and "Jingchu night" will run through the whole year; Four provincial demonstration pedestrian streets will be cultivated and 20 provincial night economy demonstration cluster areas will be created. In terms of foreign trade, our province will build the first batch of provincial processing trade industrial parks and implement the county foreign trade revitalization action; We will build Hubei service trade (outsourcing) research base, create a national service outsourcing demonstration city, and fully tap the growth potential of foreign trade.

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