Wuhan, January 14, CCTV news (reporter Zhu Na, correspondent sun Miao) the reporter learned from the Hubei Provincial Health Commission on the 14th that the online module of "birth medical certificate processing" in Hubei Province has been online, and the birth medical certificate can be handled online.

Recently, the Hubei Provincial Health Commission issued the notice on doing a good job in the online processing of birth medical certificates (hereinafter referred to as the notice) to speed up the online processing of birth medical certificates, improve the online processing rate of birth medical certificates, and gradually realize "online processing" and "hand-held processing".

"Notice" pointed out that birth medical certificate can be handled both online and offline. Among them, the medical certificate of birth can be obtained online only when the principle of voluntariness is met, the newborn is born in a midwifery institution in Hubei Province, and the parents of the newborn are mainland residents and hold resident ID card.

Online process: (1) application. The mother of the newborn login "Hubei government service network" or "ehuiban app" to enter (search for) the "birth medical certificate processing" module to submit the application, complete the confirmation of newborn birth information according to the prompt, fill in and submit the application information, and complete the online application of birth medical certificate. (2) Review. The issuing agency logs in the birth medical certificate management module of Hubei maternal and child health service information management system, completes the acceptance, audit, printing and issuing of the medical certificate of birth in time (in principle within 5 working days in principle), and issues the birth medical certificate according to the collection method selected by the applicant. (3) By mail. If the applicant chooses to send the certificate by mail, the issuing personnel shall send the certificate according to the application address information in time. (4) Regulation. The administrative departments of health and health at all levels and the administrative organs of birth medical certificates shall be responsible for the supervision and management of the online processing of birth medical certificates within their jurisdiction; The management organization of birth medical certificate should pay attention to the online processing of birth medical certificate through the maternal and child health service information management system of Hubei Province. For those that have not been accepted or accepted but not completed, they should urge the issuing agency to complete the certificate within the specified time limit.

According to the notice, the administrative and issuing agencies of birth medical certificates should specify that one or two staff members should master the online processing process and requirements of birth medical certificates. Do a good job in all kinds of data statistics of birth medical certificate and the work account of certificate transfer, so as to realize the traceability of certificate circulation and ensure online security. In addition, according to the "postal law" and other relevant laws and regulations, postal enterprises are responsible for the mailing of birth medical certificates. All localities should do a good job in docking with postal departments to ensure the safe delivery of each birth medical certificate.

Editor: Zhang Di
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