Xinzhou is the "East Gate" of Wuhan. In 2021, Xinzhou district took the initiative to integrate into the national strategy and the layout of Hubei Province, seized the opportunity of the construction of the vice city of the Yangtze River New Area, and centering on the central task of "accelerating the construction of the shipping center in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and the hub port in the central region" of Wuhan, it took the initiative, made great efforts, and took good actions to comprehensively improve the functional quality, core competitiveness and radiation strength of the urban area, Strive to become a new force and an important growth pole for the development of Wuhan and even Hubei. Let's take a look at these wonderful moments of Xinzhou in 2021——

Planning: Cheng Shuxiong, Liu Hui, Wang Linjun, Li Huan, Zhang Zhuo

Photo: Shen Leiping, Wu Yi, ye Donghui, Wang Jiangbo

Design: Han Shuo, Wei Xingyu

Editor: juna
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