On January 11, at the "vegetable basket" vegetable base in niujiaowan village, Jianghua, Yongzhou, Hunan Province, villagers were very busy. Bundles of fresh sweet cabbage moss just picked from the ground were immediately packed and stored in the cold storage for preservation, They will eventually become green and safe food for residents in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

It is understood that the "vegetable basket" vegetable base in Dawan district covers 5 villages in Jianghua, Yongzhou, covering an area of more than 2000 mu. In 2015, "tobacco rice vegetable" rotation was implemented in the base, and the picking period of sweet cabbage moss was from November to the end of March of the next year. Since the beginning of winter in 2021, the sweet cabbage moss of the base has grown well, with a daily output of about 40 tons, which requires nearly 100 villagers to pick. These carefully selected sweetheart mosses can be transported to Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao within half a day after being packed.

The establishment of vegetable base not only enlivens land resources, but also solves a large number of labor demand around. Li Changxin, director of the "vegetable basket" vegetable base in Dawan District, introduced that the base has provided employment opportunities for local villagers all year round, and led them to participate in the development of large-scale agriculture. At present, the long-term stable employment problem of more than 350 local villagers has been solved, and more than 700000 yuan of salary has been paid to them every month.

Liu Mingda, a 70 year old villager in niujiaowan village, Jianghua, is unable to go out to work because of his age. He can only work as a casual worker in the village. His annual income is less than 5000 yuan. After the establishment of the vegetable base, Liu Mingda has achieved employment at home. "Now I have an annual income of about 30000 yuan. I grow tobacco and vegetables, and basically work for about 10 months a year." Liu Mingda said.

Li Changxin introduced that in 2021, the annual output value of the "vegetable basket" vegetable base in Dawan district will reach 15 million yuan. After that, the base will further improve the quality of vegetables, drive more people, and achieve the goal of getting rich at home together.

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