Taiyuan, January 14, CCTV news (reporter song Yunyi, Kang Xiaoyu, Cui Tianqi) according to the voice of China news of China Central Radio and television, in Taiyuan, Shanxi, in order to promote ice and snow sports into the campus, Shanxi Tongbao Yujie school established the province's first school level ice hockey team in 2019, and built a beautiful Ice Hockey Stadium last year (2021), Ice hockey has also become an elective course. Voice of China specially plans "our essence and spirit", which was launched on the 14th: "primary school students' ice growth class".

Before the ice hockey elective class officially started, the children were already lining up outside the school's Hockey Hall before 3 p.m. on Monday. However, today's children who have been able to glide on the ice like flies have to cross the threshold when they first contact ice hockey, instead of skating or hitting the ball, but "dressing themselves".

In order to protect the children's safety, the young players should wear a full set of protective gear like adult players, which can be said to be "armed to the teeth". According to the regulations, all players under 20 must wear dental protectors; Players aged 18 and below must wear a full face mask that covers the whole face and neck and throat protectors; With helmets, gloves, leg protectors, elbow protectors, chest protectors and other complicated equipment, even for beginners of ice hockey, it is hard to even recognize them, let alone wear them. However, teachers and coaches have given orders to these young players under 10 years old to wear a full set of protective gear independently.

Reporter: it's not easy to wear. Why don't you have to wear it yourself?

Duan zhuohan: learn to be independent.

This is the "three rules" for teachers and children. As an ice hockey player, he / she should tidy up his / her equipment and put on protective gear. Just as a parachutist has to tidy up his / her parachute ropes and bags, he / she is responsible for his / her own safety, but also for the safety of other players. At the beginning of a hockey class, self-reliance and responsibility have planted seeds in the hearts of the players.

The contents of the ice hockey elective course are basic skills training and three on three match. Dressed in helmets and armed with poles, the cute kids have turned into hockey knights and entered the stadium for the second test. In winter, the temperature in Taiyuan is not very low, so the court uses simulated ice, which brings challenges to the players' physical fitness. "One hour of skating here is equivalent to four or five hours on (real) ice," said Zhang GuoXuan, a small player. "So we can run here and speed up on the ice."

The combination of sliding and pole action training is difficult, and falling is a common occurrence. Shanxi Tongbao Yujie school Ice Hockey Team Assistant Professor Wang Yuhao told reporters that the ice hockey team takes training as an important means for children to improve their personality and temper their will. "Improving children's physical quality is on the one hand, more on the mind." Wang Yuhao said.

At the end of the training, it turned to the confrontation. The sound of a club hitting a puck and the sound of a skate rubbing against the ice surface reverberate in the field. In the process of the game, the coach not only observes the players' skills and cooperation, but also attaches great importance to their attitude. Ice team teaching assistant Wang Yuhao said: "if there is slack, do not skate well, we will let him down, let some more positive children up. Let them work hard, this is our core value concept, teaching philosophy."

Confrontation, running, passing, shooting, after a series of dazzling cooperation, small ice hockey like shells into the net.

The end of an ice hockey class not only brings happiness to the players, but also trains the will quality. Today, there are more than 100 ice hockey players from grade 1 to grade 5 in the primary school Department of the school. All the young players are motivated by interest and take the initiative to sign up. In the pursuit of their dreams, they have sweat, joy, hardship and expectation. The responsibility, self-reliance, tenacity and team spirit brought by ice hockey will become the most important lesson in their life. Song Zhuoyang, head of the ice hockey team at Tongbao Yujie school in Shanxi Province, said: "all the children voluntarily participate in elective courses. Each child and his parents ask them to play and learn this. They think ice hockey is a group project, such as helping each other, overcoming difficulties, fighting bravely and never giving up."

Editor: Gao Yang
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