Jinan, January 14 (reporter Tang Lei) on January 14, the reporter learned from the official website of Shandong Provincial Department of industry and information that recently, Shandong Provincial Department of industry and information technology issued the "14th five year plan" big data industry development plan (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). By 2025, the big data industry will become an important pillar industry of digital economy in Shandong Province. The scale of industrial development will go up to a higher level, and the output value of big data industry will reach 300 billion yuan, striving to become a model area for the development of big data industry in China.

Based on the new regional development pattern of "a group of two centers and three circles", Shandong plans the spatial layout and functional orientation of big data industry in the whole province, gives full play to the demonstration and driving role of Jinan and Qingdao, guides the characteristic and differentiated development of each city, and deepens the cooperation at home and abroad in the field of big data, so as to form a big data industry development pattern of "dual core leading, three circle cooperation and multi District linkage", We will promote the high-quality development of data enabled "top 10" industries.

Based on the unique advantages of Jinan and Qingdao in the agglomeration of digital industries such as big data products and big data services, we should speed up the construction of two core clusters that radiate around, lead the province and support strongly: support Jinan to build big data industrial clusters focusing on manufacturing industry, new energy and other industries; Support Qingdao to build big data industrial cluster in the three districts and the West Coast new area, and focus on building a new highland of big data industry in marine, manufacturing, military civilian integration and other industries.

Focusing on the needs of high-quality development of digital economy, the plan focuses on the short board areas of big data industry in Shandong Province, and implements five key tasks, including "strengthening the industrial development foundation support, accelerating the upgrading of industrial chain level, accelerating the cultivation of data element market, building a prosperous and orderly Industrial ecology, and building a strong defense line for data security". Combined with the above tasks, the plan has set up nine engineering columns, covering the improvement of digital infrastructure, leap of digital innovation ability, enhancement of big data product (service) supply, leading of industrial big data fusion application, demonstration of industry big data fusion application, governance of big data integration application breakthrough, data element market cultivation, digital industry ecological optimization, etc Data security guarantee casting shield and so on.

The plan proposes to support enterprises and institutions in the field of big data to introduce urgently needed high-level talents by means of temporary post and part-time work, technical consultation, weekend engineers and special posts. Shandong will also further strengthen talent incentive measures, support high-level talents in the field of big data to apply for national and provincial key talent projects, cultivate a group of "pilot experts" for universities and scientific research institutes in the province, cultivate a number of "leaders" for key enterprises in big data industry, and select a group of "smart craftsmen" for front-line workers of big data application.

It is understood that Shandong has taken the lead in clarifying the statistical methods and division of labor of the core industries of the digital economy in China, monitoring the development of the core industries of the digital economy, and exploring the use of "big data" method to conduct full sample and normalized monitoring and analysis of big data Enterprises, so as to accurately "portrait" the big data industry in our province. According to the plan, Shandong will issue monitoring reports regularly and compile the development map of big data industry in the whole province annually. Further strengthen industrial supervision, assessment and evaluation.

Editor: Pan Kexin
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