Tianjin Municipal Bureau of science and technology officially approved on December 12 that Tianjin Key Laboratory for pathogenic microorganisms of infectious diseases, the only laboratory to confirm the source of new crown cases in Tianjin, is Tianjin Key Laboratory.

It is understood that Tianjin Key Laboratory of pathogenic microorganisms of infectious diseases is the only institution in Tianjin to carry out pathogen monitoring of respiratory and intestinal infectious diseases, food safety risk monitoring, and imported infectious disease case detection, as well as HIV virus confirmation laboratory and tuberculosis reference laboratory. The laboratory has a repository of infectious diseases, foodborne diseases, pathogenic microbial strains and strains in food, as well as HIV and Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the city. It also masters the original spectrum of important diseases in Tianjin, such as fever respiratory syndrome, diarrhea syndrome, fever with rash syndrome, viral encephalitis syndrome and fever with bleeding syndrome.

After the approval of Tianjin Key Laboratory of pathogenic microorganisms of infectious diseases, the ability to identify and identify unknown pathogens of major infectious diseases and mass infectious diseases of unknown origin will be improved, and the ability of molecular traceability, molecular typing, drug resistance characteristics and virulence gene detection and analysis of pathogenic microorganisms including bacteria and viruses will be improved, and the ability to find pathogens will move forward, In order to achieve the control of infectious diseases gateway forward, provide a scientific basis for the development of infectious disease control strategy. (reporter Zhang Lu)

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