CCTV news from Tianjin on January 14 (reporter Chu Fuqing) Tianjin epidemic prevention and control headquarters issued No. 6 circular, the full text of which is as follows:

In order to ensure the life safety and health of the people and consolidate the achievements made in the current epidemic prevention and control work, Tianjin prevention and control headquarters decided to carry out the third round of full-time nucleic acid detection in Tianjin on the basis of early detection of key areas. The circular is as follows:

1、 From 7:00 on January 15, all residents living in Tianjin will remain relatively static at that time. According to the overall deployment of the prevention and control headquarters of each district and the organization arrangement of streets (towns) and communities (villages), they will take the initiative to cooperate in nucleic acid detection in the designated places. Complete the nucleic acid detection of personnel in the area within 24 hours.

2、 Nucleic acid detection and urban operation support related staff shall follow the work arrangement of the Department and the unit.

3、 For those who do not participate in nucleic acid testing within the specified time, the "Health Code" is adjusted to "orange code", and the "green code" is changed to "green code" after the nucleic acid test is completed and the result is negative.

4、 All districts must put people's life safety and health first, and ensure the people's urgent medical needs. The prevention and control headquarters of each district are responsible for formulating and implementing the specific scheme of nucleic acid detection and screening in their respective districts, strictly implement the responsibilities, improve the safeguard measures, improve the efficiency of nucleic acid collection, delivery, inspection and reporting, and truly achieve "all inspections should be carried out, no one household and no one person should be missed", so as to ensure the completion of the third round of nucleic acid detection with high quality and high efficiency.

5、 Special notice:

(1) The residents are requested to actively cooperate with the staff of each sampling point to do a good job in sample collection. For those who refuse to cooperate, do not support nucleic acid testing, disturb the order, conceal, falsely report and forge information, the public security organ will strictly investigate the legal responsibility according to law.

(2) According to the organization and arrangement of the community (Village), grid members and grid team leaders, residents are requested to carry their ID cards, foreign ID cards and other valid certificates to the designated sampling points in order to ensure that there is no missing one person in each household.

(3) During the sampling period, residents should take personal protection, wear masks throughout the whole process, take the initiative to accept temperature detection, and keep a distance of more than one meter to prevent cross infection. At the same time, pay attention to cold and keep warm, take good care of the elderly and children.

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