Tianjin, January 14 (reporter Zhou Siyang) on January 14, 2022, at the 168th press conference on the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia in Tianjin, Han Jinyan, director of Tianjin CDC and deputy director of municipal health and Health Commission, introduced that according to the progress of the current epidemic situation, the city dynamically adjusted the scope of community control, and now the specific situation is announced as follows.

Since 18:00 on January 13, 2022, Tianjin will adjust Xinyu garden in Xinzhuang Town and Longhu Zichen in xianshuigu town from medium risk area to high risk area; The medium risk areas include Bishui century garden, Shangyue garden, Xinting garden, xinwangli, Zhangjiazui village, chunfuli (jinjiuxuan community), dongwangjiayuan, xinyangyuan, shanghuyuan in Balitai Town, Shangli garden in beizhakou Town, litaoyuan in Shuanggang Town, Yutai garden in Dashi town and Shengtai garden in wangwenzhuang town in Xiqing District of Tianjin.

In Hexi District, 3 doors of building 11, tianxiaoyuan, Meijiang Street are designated as the closed area, building 11 (except 3 doors) of tianxiaoyuan on Meijiang street is the control area, and Tianxiao garden of Meijiang street is the prevention area.

Jinnan District adjusted some of the original control areas to Linjin garden, Linxiu garden, Xinyu garden, shouchuangxing Jingyuan, Yijia garden, Xinze garden, Bishui century garden, Xinting garden, Shangyue garden, xinwangli, Huayuan Boston, xinshengli, Fengda garden, Xinyang garden, zhonghuili, Longhu Zichen, Tongze garden, chengxinli, Shuian Huating, Dongwang homeland, etc Jinjiuxuan, heli garden, Zhaohe garden of shuangqiaohe Town, construction site of Chengdu No.8 construction site of Haitang Street (intersection of Yaxin road and Xiangming Road), litaoyuan, renyongmingju, renheyuan, Shangli garden of beizhakou town in Shuanggang town; Tinglan garden in Xinzhuang Town, Baoye Xinyuan in xianshuigu Town, shanheyuan in Shuanggang town and Liujing Jiayuan in Shuanggang town were added as control areas. The scope of other control areas and prevention areas remains unchanged.

Hongqiao District Designated yixinli building 3 as a sealed area; Yixinli community (except building 3) and Renai Garden community are the control areas; Yixinli community and Poseida comprehensive agricultural trade market, buildings 3, 4, 5 of Xiqing road and the surrounding bottom merchants (except the enclosed and controlled areas) are the prevention areas.

Xiqing District has designated three buildings in area C of Yutai homeland in Dashi Town, No.16 building in Shengtai garden in wangwenzhuang Town, and No.2 building in longjinyuan, north entrance of Dashi Town, as control areas.

In Binhai New Area, 42 and 43 gates of haiwangyuan, Taida street, are designated as the control area, and the areas except the enclosed area and Guoxin building in haiwangyuan community of Taida Street are the control areas; In addition to the control area and control area, the east of Tengfei Road, the west of Xiangshi Road, the south of the third street and the north of the second street are the prevention areas.

This reminds the masses that in order to minimize the flow of personnel in epidemic areas and reduce the risk of epidemic spread, the municipal prevention and control headquarters and the epidemic area headquarters will continue to strengthen the allocation and guarantee of people's living materials, uniformly arrange vehicles to enter and leave epidemic areas, and it is strictly forbidden for residents outside the risk control area to transport materials to the prevention area of the control area of the sealed control area.

Editor: Chu Fuqing
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